Your clients' mortgage will be approved.

Sell more, sell faster, and with better efficiency.
Your clients will obtain mortgage pre-approval in a sales office or via our platform with a personally calculated credit rate in a majority of banks online.

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CreditClick Marketing Kit
Mortgage calculator widget
for your website
Fully customized online loan calculator and form with an invitation to leave a request for a mortgage increases the applications flow from the website
the conversion
Easy to fill in form with an invitation to leave a request for a mortgage provides you with more leads.
Helps to avoid mistakes
The numbers in the calculator tests automatically, so you will not be able to get a 0 % rate or borrow a million for a one month period.

Complete integration in 10 minutes
Just copy the widget code and paste it to your website to get started!
Customizes to your site's style
The flexible setting, including the widget's color, elements disposition, and outward appearance.
Trouble-free system
The percentage of a mortgage refusals averagely will be 2 times reduced due to a large number of partner banks, synchronous application to several banks, and our intelligent algorithm.
CreditClick MOS¹
Mortgage management system
An automated mortgage application management system that will allow your clients to submit one application and sent single set of documents simultaneously to several banks.

Complete control
You will be able to monitor all stages of obtaining a mortgage, know the exact path of the client and automatize the sales manager work.
Dialogue with banks
You will have full control over communication with banks. Moreover, your company will establish a connection with all banks connected to the Credit Click.
Single documents set
One application and all the necessary documents provided once in a whole process, for all banks.
Manager's work will be simplified which leads to application processing time reduced by 3-4 times.
Benefits on rates
The customer can compare all loan rates and choose an appropriate one.
Automatic reminders

Every day managers will receive information about approvals, notifications about the next steps, and tips on how to reach the end of the deal without mistakes. This means you will be able to minimize errors and work productively with each client. Which, undoubtedly, will raise the sales.

Employees' qualification makes no difference
Specially trained mortgage managers are not needed any longer, as employees do not have to communicate with banks and find out the subtleties of mortgage lending, the system will automatically select the loan program and tell the most appropriate way in the next steps.


Keep the work of managers under control, get statistics on the number of submitted and approved applications, closed transactions and revenue. If you have multiple objects, you'll see data for each one.
The mortgage applications and the actual programs listing automatic generator

Just fill in a single form and receive the completed applications of all selected banks!
In addition, our mortgage department managers can create a list of partner banks' proposals and present it to the client.
Only in 1 minute, you'll get a complete offer for the customer on the blank with your company's logo.

The client will do everything himself while drinking a cup of coffee
Allow the client to fill in the forms in a sales department, or share him the link of a personal account on our platform, where everything can be done remotely.
New way
Mortgage POS-terminal for customers
We provide equipment with pre-installed software for mortgage selling offices. It is enough to give the client the terminal, provide him with time to fill in the forms, and send applications to the banks.

We customize all for you — the client never leaves your brand's ecosystem.

We automatize interaction with the client for you.
Our collaboration philosophy is white label³
with a banks
The client independently fills in an application and sends it to the banks. He will receive the banks' answers to his personal account, so he will be able to make an informed decision about terms of what offer seems to him the most suitable.
Self-completion of applications
All the missing documents will be requested again and can be quickly uploaded. The Bank communicates with the client through our system, so you can support him on time.
Notifications and reminders
The client receives tips on what to do next through the personal account. Notifications come to the mail and phone. Therefore, the client is always aware of the status of applications, terms of documents consideration, dates of meetings and new proposals.
Partner banks
The list of partner banks is constantly replenished, we monthly update the information on the website.

Support and integration
We provide an open API for easy integration with any internal systems.
You can quickly integrate CreditClick to your CRM, ERP, or BI system.

Guaranteed SLA4
We promise 99% service availability 365 days a year, support quality, and data safety. We always keep our promise and, in the case of our system's or manager's mistakes, will compensate your losses.
Technical support
We provide our clients with technical support 24/7 and always keeping an eye on our system stable functioning.

All data transfer by cryptographic protocol TLS5. Data maintains encrypted with limited access to the keys.

1 step
Platform presentation and demonstration

Meeting with your company's business development team for discussing integration details.
2 step
Platform implementation and elaboration
Linking up the system with your CRM/ERP/PM modules.
Setting software to suit your business requirements.
3 step
Information deployment

Place information about your objects via our platform, choose the most preferable banks, equip your sale offices and connect them to the system, post widget on websites.
4 step

Increase the volume of your mortgage sales!

Mortgage under control

Ask for a demonstration and get unique personal conditions.
We offer additional preferences for testing participants.

Abbreviations used:

1.MOS - Mortgage operating system.

2.API - Application programming interface.

3.White label - collaboration model in which one side of a deal develop and produce the product and the other side buy it and use under their own company's label.

4.SLA - Service level agreement.

5.TLS - Transport layer security - provides secure data transfer, uses asymmetric encryption for authentication, symmetric encryption for privacy, and message authentication codes to preserve message integrity.

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